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Fast, dynamic, reliable. RC Solution has a plus and guarantees its customers a complete service and superior quality.
Specializing in the areas Electronic and Electromechanical, Rc Solution combines the benefits of a streamlined, able to model in a short time on customer needs, to the know-how and expertise of the partners that chooses carefully.
To meet the challenges of an ever changing market, Rc Solution opens to solid and lasting partnerships collaborations with top industry leaders. The result?
A dynamic company, an Italian reality that responds to the demands of its customers promptly, with agility and professionalism.

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RC SOLUTION manufactures, assembles and entrusts the production to its trusted partner, chosen with strict criteria, according to the highest quality requirements by partnering with different companies certified UNI-EN ISO 9001: 2008. It possesses technologically advanced lines on all types of production and testing systems automated.







A customer who chooses to rely on Rc Solution has nothing to worry about.
The company guarantees the supply of the best materials, the purchase of the same and their assembly in a workmanlike manner.
The customer is given a finished product and tested, with the assurance that only the best brands and the best companies in the industry, Italian and European, were involved.
Prices are competitive and transparent.





Customer management is entrusted to the high professionalism of the employees and to the precision of a software studied and developed on specific by Rc Solution.
The automatic system used ensures the optimization of work, thanks to the centralization of purchasing, the timely production planning and procurement.
RC Solution does not admit delays in their deliveries and ensures maximum reliability.
Customer satisfaction is a goal to be achieved with determination.


The Company


RC-Solution S.r.l.

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